" Journalism should serve the public in many important ways, but it can only do so if its practitioners have mastered an increasingly complex body of knowledge and specialized skills."  



We are a global coalition of migration experts, academics and media professionals working together to provide a range of accessible and free migration courses tailored for media and communication students and professionals to support balanced and accurate coverage.

Recognising a gap in media training on the topic of migration, we created the Global Migration Media Academy, a learning hub that offers classroom and online courses in multiple languages to anyone interested in covering this expansive topic. 

Migration has always been a polarising subject, but the extensive fallout from the pandemic has increased anti-migrant sentiment, xenophobia and exclusionary actions. It is an international priority to tackle this head on and media and communication professionals play a fundamental role.       

The Academy forms a community of experts through a network of learning hubs worldwide. We are committed to providing fact-based, balanced and diverse viewpoints and promoting new voices in the field by eliminating barriers to professional development and learning. 
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Media Professionals 

  • Individuals already practicing journalism for established news agencies
  • Editors and newsroom gatekeepers
  • Media professionals who are part of organizations who deal with migration related issues
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Journalism Students

  • Students pursuing a career in journalism
  • Media students looking to learn about migration related issues
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Civil Society

  • Organisations working with migrants
  • Citizen journalists and influencers
  • Activists and civil societies
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Journalism Associations/Networks

  • Local, national and regional journalism associations
  • Media training organizations
  • Journalism networks

Academics / Researchers

  • Individuals or organizations looking for data on migration
  • Individuals or organizations producing reports on migration

Filmmakers/Documentary makers

  • Filmmakers wanting to tell the migration story
  • Filmmakers looking for data on migration



Bring experts together to provide comprehensive and varied training and ensure learners have access to learning materials and opportunity to network.


Present timely and accessible data, research and insights through carefully curated, structured and engaging courses and resources.  


Offer open-source learning materials, data and tools as well as share knowledge and experience to strengthen migration reporting.


Foster new partnerships and strengthen existing ones to support accurate and ethical media coverage on migration as well as encouraging career pathways into migration media reporting.  


Promote and support stories that bring to light diverse perspectives on migration and share cutting-edge developments, research and data on migration.

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Increase your knowledge, collaborate and share experiences to report the full migration story.