Anđela Bučić & Matija Matković

Representation of migration, the role of images

Various migrant crises in the last decade impacted Europe, and the Balkans' route played an essential role. Journalists and media content creators were not prepared with the necessary tools and skills to report with accuracy and balance on this phenomenon. Last February 2023, in Serbia, different European generations of journalists, students and experts came together to explore ways to improve the reporting on migration from a human approach. 

Anđela Bučić 
Journalist and a videographer- Croatia

Anđela holds a master's degree with a strong focus on journalism and media. She currently works at her faculty's television studio called Televizija Student.

She is interested in visual storytelling, documentary forms, and production and post-production projects.

Matija Matković
Journalist, TV presenter and editor 

Matija Matković is a journalist, TV presenter and editor at the only student televison in Croatia, based at the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb.

During his tenure, he has reported on issues such as economic disparity, ecology and migrant crises.