Katarina Stevanović

Ukranine refugee in Montenegro

Since the war started, more than 30,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Montenegro.The Pupchenko family took their documents and essentials and left the Kiev in February 2022. 
When they arrived in Montenegro, they applied for asylum and yet still waiting for a decision. In the meantime, they are still living in temporary free accommodation offered by a family in Kotor.
Marina was eight months pregnant and was afraid of how the birth would go because of the stress she had endured. At the beginning of May, she gave birth without complications. The grandparents count the days until they can meet their new family member in person.
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Katarina Stevanovic

Katarina Stevanovic is a journalist at BBC Serbian Service since 2018. She has a master's degree in Journalism from the Faculty of Political Science.She had the opportunity to work on different media platforms, working for Vreme weekly magazine, Business info group, and BBC.

Working for Vreme and BBC she has had many opportunities to work on migration and refugee stories.She is interested in video production, which is the main part of her job.She is also a member of a group of Journalists against violence against women, a group of more than 70 journalists and editors who fight violence against women in an organized, public, and emphatic manner.

Katarina is a cancer survivor, a marathon runner, and painting is one of her hobbies.