Sep 29 / Đurđa Belić

Russians in Belgrade

Since the war in Ukraine started in February 2022, people from Russia and Ukraine have fled from the war. A Russian couple moved to Serbia a year ago. Daria is a psychotherapist, and Stanislav works for a digital company. Since she moved to Serbia, she has dedicated her work to helping other migrants from Russia with their resettlement process in Serbia. This story tells about their new life in Serbia and the ups and downs this couple have faced living in a new country.

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Đurđa Belić
Journalist - Serbia
Đurđa Belić is studying Journalism at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade. She is interested in exploring and learning about different cultures. Producing migration stories allows her to meet people from all across the world and tell their stories. They inspire her to continue pursuing her vision of guaranteeing their voices are heard.