Storytelling and the migrant experience

  • Author: The Global Media Migration Academy
  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Quizzes:
  • Assessment: 6

Course description

A great story connects people over time and space more than any way to document a life or an event. It rouses emotions. It compels people to reflect, to question or to act. Such is the power of telling and hearing stories. In this lesson, we will look at storytelling, what it means to tell human interest stories, and why it matters in the context of migration.

Course content

1. Knowledge Assessment 

2. Reporting on Data (5 Lesson)

L1. Human
Interest Storytelling
  • An introduction to human interest stortytelling

  • Storytelling and why it matters

  • They story as a human interest story
  • How to write a strong human-interest story
  • Writing human interest stories
  • Some lead examples
  • Unfolding the stories of Filipino migration

L2. Reporting on migrants as sources for human-centred stories
  • How to report on migration
  • Who are your sources?
  • What makes sources vulnerable? 
  • How to protect your sources? 
  • How to report on your vulnerable sources’ experiences? 

  • Ways to tell migrant stories better
  • Summary

L3. Ethical reporting
  • What is ethics?
  • Ethics in journalism
  • Key principles of ethical reporting
  • Limiting harm
  • Ethical decision making: The Potter Box analysis

  • Ethical decision-making test
  • Ethical codes for telling stories on migration

L4. Effective storytelling
  • Introduction to effective storytelling 
  • Telling effective stories 
  • Effective storytelling on migration topics
  • Case study: effective storytelling 

L5. Reporting sensitive stories
  • Reporting conflict and trauma
  • First-principles: Understanding victims
  • Listening to victims

  • Reporting sensitive stories 

  • Writing about victims 

  • Reporting disasters
  • Reporting on children

  • Visual journalism ethics
  • Protecting your own mental health and avoiding secondary trauma

3. Knowledge Test

4. Evaluation

5. Exam / Certificate of completion
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The Global Media Migration Academy

The Foundation Course consist of a series of diverse connected modules. 'Storytelling and the migrant experience' is the fourth module of a high standard educational programme developed by IOM.
Our rights-based course provides a global overview about the different trends, developments, policies and laws governing migration, as well as offering practical guidance for ethical, safe and effective migration reporting.It offers participants an understanding of the various aspects of migration, the media cycle and digital environment in the context of migration including online and social media; learning to understand statistics and use them to confirm and debunk information. Finally, it offers the opportunity to learn create compelling alternative and engaging stories on migrant and the migrant experience.