“How to Navigate the Migration Data Portal” Webinar Series

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  • Author

    Migration Data Portal & Global Migration Media Academy

  • Level

       Beginner- Advance

  • Webinar

    40 minutes (each)

Webinar 1: Migration Data: Types, Sources, and Platforms 

Access to accurate migration data and statistics is essential for promoting fact-based reporting on migration in the media. Media professionals have the potential to be effective amplifiers of humane, timely, and accurate information. However, engaging them in the dissemination of migration data is often challenging as migration data is often scattered across different platforms and there is little information on how to navigate those resources.     

One of the common issues is the disconnect between migration statistics and the "human story." Data is often presented in isolation without relevant context, caveats or evidence. To develop compelling migration narratives, it is crucial to bridge this gap by providing media professionals with a clearer understanding of migration data, including where to find it and how to interpret it.   

The GMMA and the Global Migration Data Portal team are joining forces to support journalists, media content creators, academics and other migration experts to improve their skills in consulting, analyzing and disseminating the latest migration statistics.  

In this first webinar, Asha Manoharan, GMDAC Data Officer, will give a comprehensive overview of the key aspects of migration data including but not limited to: 
  • Sources 
  • Definitions 
  • Types 
  • Data gaps and challenges 
  • Data platforms 

Webinar 2: Migration Data Portal – The Bigger Picture

In this webinar, Data Officer Asha Manoharan will zoom in on the Portal as a key migration data platform. She will explain the main features of the Migration Data Portal including the data dashboard. The Portal offers 360-degree insights on the major migration issues worldwide. 
  • Thematic and Spotlight pages 
  • Resources  
  • Blogs  
  • Dashboard:  
    • Introduction   
    • International data (sample queries, trends and highlights, key migration statistics)  
    • Trends and analysis  
  • Comparing by geographic scope  
  • Comparing indicators  
  • National data (pilot project)  

Global Migration Media Academy, Migration Data Portal and GMDAC communications

Since 2017, the Global Migration Data Portal serves as a unique tool that collates and presents data and analysis on a wide range of topics, including data from more than 25 international partner providers on 120 indicators. The Portal features a dashboard that enables users to explore international, publicly available and comparable migration data visualized in an interactive world map. Data are available on a variety of topics, including immigration and emigration, public opinion and migrant integration and all data are selected from reliable, reputable sources, including international organizations. Other key sections of the Portal include thematic pages, a blog series and other resources.  

Innovative learning tools like the GMMA can be utilized to guide media professionals in navigating the Portal and extracting the data and analysis that they need in their reporting. The Academy offers journalists online courses, webinars, and workshops that equip them with the skills and knowledge to accurately and sensitively report on migration issues. Additionally, these resources can help them understand the broader context of migration and its impact on people's lives.  
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author